Hummingbird Photo Shoot
August 2016

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We had so many hummingbirds coming to our feeder that I decided to have a photo shoot to see if I could catch their antics on film.  It was a fun experiment resulting in some interesting pictures.  Hope you enjoy them! 

One trying to drink while another swoops in to crowd him out


There are actually 4 birds in this shot, one is almost hidden by the feeder

 Before this one can even start to drink, he is challenged by another And the fight is on!  It looks like they are dancing, doesn't it?!

Once I got the idea that they were dancing in my head, I decided these guys look like
a lead singer and two backups in a doo-wop group. 

  How cool is this one?
No dancing here, this looks like a full-on battle scene worthy of an epic movie. This one is blurry, but I included it because I liked the shadow of the beak on the left bird.

Incoming - alert, alert!

  "I thought I heard something up there!"
In this shot, there's a hummingbird and a deer at once.  The bird is in the upper left corner.  

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