My Trip to Houston
November 3-6, 2005

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How's this for a combination:  Amy Jones, Heather Perfetta, Tammy Campbell, and Cowboy Mouth?!!  It sounded too good to pass up so I hopped on a plane and headed South.  ConocoPhillips was having their Exploration Technology Conference at that time.  Amy smuggled me into the conference so I was able to see tons of old friends from around the world.  I didn't get pictures of all of them, but I tried.  It was so awesome seeing everyone again.  I was sick the whole time but had a great weekend anyway.

Special thanks to Julio and Amy for putting me up at their nice new home and for sharing their sweet dog Bear!

 My adventures started at the technology conference -   

 Roland Kirshner & CJ Liu  /  A shot of the crowd at the social hour

 Ray - always the party animal.  And that's Hugh sneaking up behind him.  Amy & I with Jensen Tan
 Chris Holien & his Russian friend  Hugh Beeley & Duncan Emsley
 Me & Ron Martinussen


Scott Irvine, me, and Bill Trojan.  I'm sorry I forgot the other guys' name.
They were making a funny joke at the time, as you can tell.  It went something
like, "Hey that's not Shawnna who's grabbing my butt!"  
 Nick Fryer and Heather Perfetta  Scott & Hugh


The fist person I saw was our wonderful friend Nigel Bramwell - I only got to spend a few
minutes with him but it was really great to see him.  Other good friends I saw included 
Elliot Hough, Craig Hartline, Cathy Farris, Patrick Doherty, Mark Olsen and many others.

Hugh, Amy, Jenny Thompson, Tammy Campbell, and Heather at dinner.  You can't tell in this picture but we
laughed ourselves silly that night.  I'm sure we were quite annoying but we had a blast!


And now for something completely different: Cowboy Mouth!   

  Here's Fred.  You can tell it's early on because he's not 
all sweaty yet.


Sonia, Mary, and Paul.   Paul had a great new song about the hurricane.
Mary used to be in the band and came up to join them a few times.
 John Thomas wailing on the guitar.



Here we are after the show: Sweaty, exhausted, and happy!

 The Houston AIS office. (It's considerably nicer than the OKC digs.)

The Chodzko girls - destined to be heart breakers.  Cassandra & Miranda

Jim, being a great Dad.


The whole gang - out for a night at Pico's

Myra Parker, Jim, Cassandra, Miranda, and Lupita Chodzko, me, and Doug Parker.
We had a great time catching up even though I could hardly talk.

   Julio & Amy's new house in the Heights.  It was great!

 They are going to have to rename this dog "Madonna."  As soon as I got out the camera, Bear starting voguing for me.
That dog can strike a pose, let me tell you!  (Isn't he cute?!)


I visited our old house and the new owners were so kind to me.
They gave me a tour of all the nice improvements they've made
and we had a good visit.  I sure loved that house.  

Here are the pics of how it looked when we lived there.

I got to attend a service at Lakewood and it was awesome!

We used to attend Lakewood when we lived in Houston but
this was my first time seeing the new building since they
took over the Compaq center.  It's very beautiful.

It was great to hear Cindy Cruise-Ratliff sing again.  That lady
is blessed with such a voice, I'm so glad she shares it.

 Here I am at dinner with my good friends Martin, Toni, and Ingrid. I miss hanging with them!
Not only did Julio and Amy give me a place to stay, but he also bought me 
breakfast as he headed to the SEG and I was on my way to the airport.  
Is he a great guy or what?  (I particularly love breakfast.)

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