Return to Houston
September 11 - 14, 2003

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I know we have only been gone for 6 weeks, but it was time for a return visit!  Eric couldn't make it, but I was lucky enough to spend 4 days back in Houston with many of my good friends.  It was a very active weekend - first a going-away pub crawl for everyone's friend, Ron Martinussen.  He is moving to Nigeria.  When that boy makes a move, he does it right!   The following night was an awesome concert by my favorite live band, Cowboy Mouth - woo hoo!  On the last night a group of us went to dinner and out dancing in honor of Stacey Waggoner and Michael Nguyen who are getting married on October 4.  As a grand finale, we had a very late breakfast at the House of Pies and then my friends sent me packing back to Oklahoma.  What a great trip!
 Here we are, getting started at Brian O'Niell's Now we've moved to the Baker Street Pub. Everyone seems happy!
 Always a pub crawl favorite, now we're at Little Woodrow's Doreen is hiding, Jenny is talking trash
 Ritchie just loves it when I take my camera to social functions Stacey & I are together again! This calls for my biggest smile!
 Ron, surrounded by the ladies (as always)
Here he is again, the women just can't stay away from him
Nick is standing by to chaperone
 Here I am, trying to make these troublemakers be good
There was a joke that went with this, but I've forgotten it.
I'm sure it was a good one!
 Me, Truong, and Runnestrand sneaking a peak behind us Ron, once again surrounded by ladies

 Speaking of ladies - what a group of hot babes! 


Scott feeling pleased with himself  /  me & Amy - happy as usual   / And Ron with the ladies again.  What's a guy to do?


Trouble is brewing.  Why didn't someone separate them?!!
   Don't ask!  
It's a contest!  Who's hair sticks up the most?! We will miss you Ron, you're the best!!


 Friday, September 12 - Cowboy Mouth at Fitzgerald's

 Sam, Amy, and Allison - ready for the show to start I love this picture of Paul Sanchez
 Here's John Thomas Griffith - catching me take a picture of him
Here's the newest member of the band - Mary LaSang. 
She's taking over for Rob Savoy who got married and 'retired'
 And, ever the entertainer, Fred LeBlanc Here they are, totally into it
 Here Amy is, totally into it too!  (So was I, it was great!!) JTG & Paul in a jam session
 Fred & Mary jamming as well
Guess what?!  Fred pulled Amy on stage!  With a few others from the crowd, she was a "Solid Gold Dancer."   It was awesome!
Here's Amy on stage with John Thomas and another dancer - cool!! Here we are after the show - Fred was in a good mood 


 Saturday, September 13 - Dinner and Dancing with friends for Stacey and Michael

Here's Stacie Gibbins & Marlo Harris.  Martin is there too but I thought he wouldn't like the picture so I cut him out.  Sorry Martin!!     Here I am with my good friend Ingrid
 My friends Truong Nguyen & Susan Overcash Here I'm taking Michael's seat to sit with Stacey




And here are two shots of us at the end of the
evening after a GREAT time dancing.  What fun!


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