St. Patrick's Day in Houston
March 13 - 15, 2204

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Our great friends PJ & Heather Perfetta have a nearly annual St. Patrick's day party that is not to be missed.  To prove this, at least four of us flew in from other parts of the country just for this party.  These two know how to do it up right!  Nothing like having 100 or so of your closest friends over for smoked meat and free beer.  They are the best!
  PJ and Eric Enos smoke the meat each year.  It takes
all day and they do a fantastic job.
 Girlfriends together again - it was so great to see my friends!  Chatting in the living room.  Martin brought his new girlfriend Toni.
Stacey & Michael also flew in for
this party.  Michael is afraid I'm 
going to try to sit on him again.
Here Martin shows off that
winning smile.
 Here's some more winning smiles - PJ and Lupita are looking great Jason & Nicki have turned into a family while we were away

You can't have a party without Burge and Ashabranner

   Helen Farrell & Irma Walker

Jim Chodzko with Miranda while Carlotta & Helen look on
  Aren't they cute?  That cooler is FILLED with Jello shots, by the way.
She's not as innocent as she looks...

 Irish Car Bombs all around.  Always a great idea.

Tim Fox always brings Sour Apple Pucker to the party for
shot purposes.  Wonder how the stuff got it's name?!
 Here Megan steals a hat from a small child.  Just kidding!

Happy boys.  Eric is doing his Rico Suave thing for us.

   PJ, operating the Piņata and looking handsome

Megan tries her hand at the piņata with a water bottle

   Here she tries the more traditional method with 
 not-so-successful results.

Now it's Renee's turn

This is the 'Jedi Knight'
method she is demonstrating
Another unique method, once she finds it she hangs on to it and wails away!  Yea!  Finally the candy is free!
  Boys gone wild!   The Foxes, soon to be three!

  We got our final goodbye hugs from
  Heather and headed back to Oklahoma.

  Great party!!!


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