Hong Kong
July 1997

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John Castelli and I went to Hong Kong and mainland China for about 10 days on Phillips business.  We were in Hong Kong about two weeks after the British/Chinese handover.  We saw a few anti-China demonstrations, but for the most part things seemed very calm (thankfully.)  We spent two days in Hong Kong, then 5 in China, then 3 in Hong Kong.  It was a good trip!


This was a typical Hong Kong street at night.

This was outside some museum or something.
They give you these cards so you can show a taxi driver and get back to your hotel. We stayed in Kowloon and took a ferry across when we wanted to visit Hong Kong island. This is a view of Hong Kong island as we approached on a ferry.


Another view of the Hong Kong shoreline  


A crowded market alley.  Great shopping, no personal space! The ferry we took to China.

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