April 16, 2005

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I went home for the weekend in April and had a really great time visiting my family.  
This is the front yard of Desi's friends, "Team James."  It doesn't show up well in the picture, but her and friend Nancy Wolf "decorated" the yard in about 30 cheesy lawn ornaments as a joke.

 Us girls, on our way to church Sunday morning.

Long dog, showing up for her daily dose of food and love.
Dad usually hides from my camera but he was a captive 
subject this time!
 In the yard, preparing to watch Dad do some work. Mom posing with Long Dog
 Momma Kitty decides she needs to explore the roof Long Dog things it's smarter to stay within petting distance

"Yep, everything looks OK here"

We had a nice visit with Gran.  These are her beautiful azaleas.

Warning: Lots of puppy pictures ahead!!!

One of Desi's dogs had a litter of puppies and they are so adorable.  See for yourself!

Here's Dad, loving his favorite pup and showing off 
the pythons in the process.

"Are you gonna feed us??"


Now they're happy!


 I wanted this little guy so bad.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever?


"I smell puppy chow!"

     Here's the best kind of puppy love
It's time for a rest after all that eating and petting.
 Eric doesn't know how close he came to
 us getting a new dog that day.

  The end. 


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