Christmas in Westville
December 23 - 27, 2004

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We had a great time in Westville at Christmas this year, despite the nasty weather.  Since my birthday is Christmas Eve, I got a lot of special treatment.  That was fine with me!!
 Here I am on Christmas Eve morning, with my huge pile of birthday gifts. For lunch, we went to one of our favorite restaurants,
La Huerta in Siloam Springs, AR where they were kind
enough to let me wear this nice hat.

 Later that night, the orgy of gift opening begins...

 Us girls sporting our new neck pillows.  Now we can fall asleep anywhere. Mom, checking out a new book while Santa looks on.

 On Christmas morning, instead of helping Mom cook the big Christmas meal, Desi and I went to Dad's plant with him.
He had to check to see if anything was damaged by the extra cold weather so we went along for a private tour.


 After the big meal, we needed to get out an move around a bit so Eric and I headed to Lake Lincoln.  We took a long hike which was very nice.  

I was trying to catch one of the birds that were flying around in the above right picture.  He's small but you can just see him.


Here Eric relaxes in a little cave that we found.

 Christmas night we went over to Uncle Larry's
 and Aunt Glenda's for some great dessert and
 a lot of laughs from playing games.

 Here, Gran tries to challenge the reigning checker
 champion Brent.

Of course, Mom & I hit the after-Christmas sales the next day.  We also got to visit with Steve Slate and James Ray Stanfill but those pictures did not turn out.  

It was a great trip, a perfect mix of relaxation and activity.  Merry Christmas!


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