Westville for Labor Day
September 4 - 6, 2004

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We had a nice trip home to Westville for Labor Day.  Eric got to spend a day with our friends the Nixons and do some rock climbing.  I got to run around with my Mom & sister while we shopped and acted silly.  We went to a Razorbacks game with my parents, I got to shoot some of Dad's guns, and we had a very nice family get-together at Uncle Larry & Aunt Glenda's house.  
Here's an artistic shot of me, Mom, and Desirae through the 
stuck shutter of my camera.


 Here we are in front of Desi's fast car and Mom's adventurous car


At the game - Arkansas Razorbacks vs New Mexico State
What a sea of red!
Can you see those crazy fans with painted bellies in the stands?


It was a 60-something to 13 game so we left after enjoying the half-time show Eric, retreating into the wilds at Lake Lincoln 


 Larry & Glenda have a private park for a back yard  Kaitlyn, always the cowgirl.  She kept us entertained.


 I saw this in a convenience store bathroom 
 in Westville.  I just loved the fact that the sign
 was signed, "Mgmt"

 I'm sure no one would not have obeyed the instructions 
 if they had not come from straight from "Mgmt" 


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