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July 2 - 4, 2004

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We got to spend most of the holiday weekend with my parents in Westville.  It was an especially good visit because I got to see so many of my friends and family.   We started the weekend by going to the Huckleberry Festival in Jay, OK.  Mom usually runs it but is currently recovering from knee surgery so we walked the 1K together.  It was hard for her to move so slowly, but at least she was out there!

Here is the new dog that Mom & Dad are sharing with
her rightful owner.  They call her "Long Dog."
She is just the sweetest thing ever.

Here's Mom with Danya, Tammy, and Walter West.  Danya and
Walter also did the 1K and beat us soundly!  Tammy won 
first overall female which was a cash prize.  Way to go Tammy!

This explains any confusion about how she got her name.
I think there was a Basset in her background somewhere!
  Two of the "herd" of hummingbirds Mom & Dad have at the
house, they eat a LOT for such little critters.
 Here's Dad on the tractor, waving at me.  (Actually he's trying to block
me from taking the picture, but I'm going to say it's a wave.)
 Here is the Flag Cake that Desirae worked so hard on.  It was great!
 This is my little cousin Caitlyn, daughter of Brent & Carla Morton.  Here she is pestering her momma.
 Me & Gran, she's a wonderful lady. Caitlyn, Long Dog, and Desirae.  Everyone loves Desirae.
 This cracked me up because it's so "traditionally Southern" - all the women gathered on the front porch while all the men were gathered out back.


 Trying to convince Caitlyn that sparklers aren't scary She almost believed us

 It was a great weekend!


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