Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
October 10 - 12, 2005

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We had a great weekend at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch with Luc & Cassy.  It's beautiful there and the weather was perfect.  We had a great time.
 We were greeted by the goats as soon as we arrived. Here one sneaks up to our porch.
Looking out over the ranch area.
 Our home sweet home, and the fire pit on the right.  
 I went on a walk and I guess I was moving too slowly judging by
 the birds circling over me!
  On Sunday the horses get the day off.
 They spend the day grazing everywhere.


   Looking over the ranch from the tree swing, where I spent a lot of time.


  Cassy fed this horse an apple which made them instant friends
 The horse followed her all around hoping for more treats Luc contemplating a bareback ride on the horse (he didn't try it)
  The neighbors dog being 
 checked out by the horses. 
 Eric didn't bring any short sleeved shirts so he
 tried borrowing one of mine.  It was not attractive.

Luc admires Eric in his 'manly' shirt


                             Here we set out for a hike to the climbing area

Looking ahead to the spot where the climbing magic will happen          I'm sure they are only kidding with that "No Climbing" sign
 Luc on the first route of the afternoon  Eric, doing a totally non-posed mono (a one finger hold)
   Not that climbing isn't enthralling, but Cassy nodded off for a time
 Luc & Eric's twin trucks tucked
   away snugly in our garage.

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