Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
May 28 - 30, 2004

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Eric heard that there was some great climbing in North-Central Arkansas that he had not tried yet.  Well, naturally this had to be remedied right away.  The good news is that the climbing area is owned by a guest ranch which has a very nice facility with lots of activities to do besides climbing so I was happy to go along on this particular climbing trip.  It was truly beautiful there and we had a great time.  

The people there were all wonderful.  We stayed busy but felt relaxed at the same time.  I imagine we will go back at least once or twice a year.  I want to extend our thanks to Mom & Dad for letting us stay with them on our way over there, that sure helped to break up the drive for us.  

 Check out this beautiful scenery Eric nearly got emotional when he saw this bluff line

A look down at the horse barn

   I got started right away on a trail ride early the first morning
 Our cabin, it was perfect Here I am on the porch of the lodge as we wait for lunch
 After lunch Eric went back to climbing and I went swimming Jason knew of a perfect little secluded swimming spot for us
 Here's Jason now, demonstrating climbing with a water start The crowd looks on in awe
 My view as I laid down to read a book, pretty sweet isn't it?
The trail to the swimming area went through a very neat area
surrounded by cane.  It felt like walking in a private jungle.

That night we had a trail ride to a cookout of filet mignon and
all the fixin's.  It was excellent.

   Angela preparing our steaks, Jason trying to look busy.
 Everyone hanging out and visiting after we ate The next day the horses had the day off. Here they are relaxing in the field.

A closer view of the horses on the hillside.

   Eric relaxing in the lodge.

While Eric took his after-breakfast nap, I went for a long walk. 

This view looks back over the ranch from the opposite hillside 
where I took advantage of a nice tree swing.  It had been ages
since I had done that!

 Same relaxation, different viewpoint  
 A little pond near the tree swing with the ranch in the background.
One more view of the ranch, with horses in the foreground.  
It was misty that morning.
Our friend Andrew Nixon came over for the day on Sunday.
Here Nixon and I are playing a round of Frisbee golf.

After that I went swimming in the pool while the boys went climbing.

Late in the day the storm clouds rolled in and we got a doozy of a storm.
It was fun to sit on the porch and watch the power of the storm.

We drove home late that night amazed by how much we had done in 2 days.  It was great fun, I recommend it to anyone.

Here is a link to more information about the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch  

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