Halloween 2016
October 29 & 30, 2016

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Desirae has a HUGE Halloween party each year.  She really does a great job of creating amazing decorations and cooking wonderful food.  This year I went a day early to see if I could be of any assistance.  My main function was to help keep Brodie entertained so she could do her thing, so it worked out well for everyone.  Except Brodie, who got a pretty lame playmate that day.  But he's a good sport! 

Brodie's first carved pumpkin, now a little peaked from being in the heat for days

  One of the many scary creatures surrounding the house
 A cute toad we disturbed when we started moving toys about He got the 'car washing' gene straight from PePaw. Each round of play must start with a car wash. 
 Woo hoo!  A fast 4-Wheeler ride with his Dad. One of Desirae's newest creations: lawnmower legs

 The spider that Dad & Eric helped Desirae build on during an earlier visit, in all its glory.
She was truly creative to think of this.  When I saw the parts she was going to use, I couldn't imagine how that would become a giant spider.

Now we're at MeMaw & PePaw's house.  He is always the center of attention at this house! 

And that's just the way he likes it! 
  Offering advice and assistance to PePaw in fixing his Gator.
 LOTS of assistance Preparing to make a mud bog for his cars to get stuck in



 Now it's time for the party so we're back in Gore.
 Where's Waldo?  In the kitchen!
Army girl Desirae gets advice from Gran on how to bake bread sticks into
the shape of a hand.  You'll see why later! 


Gran, looking lovely as she waits to get this party started.
 A tour of the decor Many of the pictures were lenticular - they change when you move to a different viewing angle
  I used this chair during my whole childhood.  It works perfectly for this creepy doll! 

Gran poses with the spooky butler.   She does a pretty good scared face! 

Now we take the tour outdoors, which includes a large graveyard

  This zombie moves, it looks a bit like break dancing only scarier.  
 Another spider completes the scene  

Here are the handsome devil and little monster now! 


The Shieldnight kids arrive and check out all the decorations

  Desirae's masterpiece - the dead guy buffet

A close-up of the bread hands Gran & Desirae constructed earlier

 Ribs, of course - and a view of his brains (cake)  
 Intestines for dessert anyone?!  They were actually good, if you didn't think too much.   The sign at the end of the long hallway

She even decorated her microwave! 

  Dave, Nancy, and Ella arrive - now the party can begin! 
 Brodie hamming it up in the photo booth Alex & Gracie enjoying it too
He's so cute with all that food on his face  Speaking of food on the face, now it's time for the Oreo game.  Zoe stayed cool & calm.

Nancy made everyone laugh with her witty comments, as usual!

  Alex was just after the cookie

Brodie playing the 'hoops on the dead hands' game.  I made up that name, thank you. 

 Gracie added her own style to game  
At this point, I had to head back to OKC so I could do jury duty the next day.
I will leave you with scenes of the decorations along the drive.

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