Hail Storm
May 2010

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One Sunday afternoon it started looking like it might storm.  Boy, did it ever deliver on that promise!  We had a big hail storm in OKC that caused nearly everyone in the middle of town to need a new roof.  Some people lost windows and every car that was outside at the time was trashed.  It was quite the deal.
This shows the street in front of our house. Everything was covered in little sprigs of tree branches that were knocked down mixed with the hail stones.  Since the street drains were clogged with debris, the streets themselves turned into rivers.  

In this picture, half of the street is full of stuff and the other half is flowing fast.

  A view of the hail as it collected on our front porch. 
This is what we saw when we opened the back door.  We actually had trouble getting the door open for the hail piled against it.
  We had to just watch as Eric's truck got beaten senseless.  Only one car will fit in our garage and mine is it.  The hood of his truck looks like it was attacked by mad cobblers armed with hammers.
I hadn't gotten around to putting chicken wire on the second garden bed.  What a difference a little chicken wire made!  
  The bigger hail stones were about the size of a small egg.  

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