Robber's Cave, Greenleaf SP, and Brodie
March 31, 2012

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We squeezed a lot into this weekend.  We left town on Saturday morning and spent a few hours at Robber's Cave State Park.  Eric did a little climbing and I belayed, watched, and generally hung out.  Then we went to Greenleaf State Park where we had reserved a cabin.  It was very nice.  The park is only 3 miles from where my sister lives, so they brought Brodie over and Mom & Dad drove over too for a nice cookout and visit.  

On Sunday we visited a nice church in Muskogee (Boulevard Christian Church) and drove through Honor Heights Park because the azaleas were in bloom. Then we headed home to catch up there.  It was a full weekend! 


 Here we are enjoying the park at Robber's Cave

 I couldn't get many pictures of Eric climbing because I was belaying 
 him.  I figured he'd rather me hold the rope than the camera.
Here he boulders around a little, just goofing off.

Timer shot.  For April, it was really hot out, we were sweaty! 
 Me getting all artistic with the beautiful dogwoods in bloom.  
Now we're at the cabin & Brodie arrives to steal the show. A blurry shot of the cabin and the family.
 Honor Heights Park in bloom  

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