Graves Creek Solo Trip
July 2017

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Eric and I took trips up here together in May and June, even glimpsing a bear and a moose on one trip.  The scenery was so pretty I wanted to see it again.  I took a solo trip up Graves Creek road in early July with my camera and had a great day.  I am sad to report that starting in early August, this area was hit hard by wildfires.  I haven't yet seen how it looks since the fires, but I'm sure it won't be like this again for many, many years.   


 Looking out over Graves Creek from the road


A strip of asphalt on the steep edge of the road with nothing much under it - scary! 

  Have I mentioned that I'm slightly obsessed with bear grass?  It is a fact. 

 Bear grass, bear grass, and more bear grass... it's all beautiful to me!  


Here the bear grass flows down this old slide almost like water

This is showing how it is growing all along the road.  

And yes, I do like other flowers too. 

  I also like birds, isn't this yellow guy a beauty? 
 Wild and crazy bear grass on the left!  A robin posing for me
 This was an especially prolific year for bear grass, it was so thick!   On the way out, looking at what I think is a Canola field into the hills that would soon burn.  

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