Family Visit to Gore, OK
February 1 - 2, 2014

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The Morton family descended onto the Bloomer Ranch for a weekend of being entertained by Brodie.  We had a great time despite the nasty weather.  Brodie has enough energy to keep all 7 of us adults busy! 
We are 'outdoor people' - especially Brodie, so 
we didn't let the nasty weather keep us indoors. 
Uncle Eric & Brodie blaze the trail
 Cute face Dad tucking his hands into his sleeves for warmth (we couldn't find his gloves)
Don't tell MeMaw - she can't bear the thought of any part of him ever getting cold!

Scruffy sniffing his boy, while Brodie checks out the ancient cow patty


PePaw and MeMaw brought Gran and a big lunch over for us all to enjoy.

This couch was made for snoozing.  Gran is tired, Prisser is dreaming, and Keith is drifting off.

 MeMaw is a GREAT playmate, she has as much energy as Brodie!
 Uncle Eric tries to head off an attack of fussy-pants by reading a good book.
 Turns out, a nap did the trick!  

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