Going-away Happy Hour
Tuesday, August 26th

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Our big transition from Houston to Edmond was a fast and furious thing, so it didn't leave us much time for saying goodbye.  We had a Tuesday-night happy hour and was very touched by how many people came out to wish us well.  It was a nice night.


 Eric, always the party man.   Barbara & Jenny striking a pose. Truong, Stacey, and me
 Peter Laudon Terri Thomason, Rene Rubio, me, and Daphne Nearhood
 Ryan Fairfield Bob Bodziack

Ritchie Wayland

 Not guilty!


Everybody knows (and loves) PJ

 Doreen West & Barbara Rodgers  

I had to put out a 
restraining order
on Paul Valasek
 Nick Fryer, E & Me, Josh Walters, and Heather Perfetta  
 Me & Wei Henri  Happy Eric, Paul, and Scott Irvine

You don't say!!!

  The Brits asking, "Are we the only two civilized people here?"
(Sorry, that's "civilised" to them!)
 Me & Daphne  An artistic silhouette of me with Scott & Fran

Happy Truong

 A better picture of the Irvine clan  

Stacey napping, me leaning, and Tammy laughing


 Chodzkos, Fran, and Josh

   Heather taking a power nap in the middle of the party
 The Chodzkos with their pretty girls - Miranda & Cassandra Eric, always a sucker for a cute girl

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