Vesco Golf Tournament
Tuesday, June 25

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Have you noticed that anytime you see pictures of me having fun when I'm supposed to be working, Terri Thomason and Ken May are in them?  These are the friends to have!

This event is no exception.  Terri invited Ken, myself, and our two interns; Melissa Alexander and Dwayne Chaney to a golf tournament.  Although we got rained out, we still had a great time and we even won some door prizes. Even when we were soaking wet, we all agreed it was better than a day at the office!


Here's Dwayne.  He hadn't played in awhile so the poor guy had to listen to all of us giving golf advice all day.  He was very polite about it though, he never once told us to "shut up and let me play!"   

Ken May, working his magic


Here's me & Terri, wailing away at the ball.  Terri played great that day!

Here's the gang in the cart, don't they look comfy?

After eight holes, the sky opened up and poured on us.  We waited out the worst of it, then started to play again when it lightened up . However, shortly after that we were called in due to lightening.  So we got to lounge around the club house waiting for lunch to be served.  I told you it was a rough job!
Since our feet were already wet, Melissa and I decided to chuck our shoes.

Maybe we'll start a new golfing trend.

Our team - before we got all soggy! 





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