Glacier Park Afternoon
July 2017

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One day I was in Kalispell doing my grocery shopping when I noticed it was shaping up to be a pretty afternoon.  I had my good camera with me so I decided to head on over to Glacier Park for an afternoon of sight-seeing.  
Jaunty tree near Apgar village Lovely daisies

Lake McDonald

  New life coming out of the old


 Blooms and bugs

 Exploring Fish Creek Campground Now driving on Going to the Sun road
 A river runs through it This is a HUGE waterfall.  See the bridge near the center of the photo?  That's for cars. 
It was built in the early 1900's so the engineering here is as impressive as the falls.
 Hanging valley Close encounter with a Mountain Goat.  He ignored me completely as I spied on him with my zoom. 

Bear Grass and Glacier Park in the same photo, I am overcome!   

  Waterfall breaking out of the snow

When the Mountain Goat decided to cross the road, the cars just had to deal with him. 

  Near Logan Pass

There are so many beautiful wildflowers up there.

  The light hitting the bluffs just so on my drive out.

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