Glacier Park with Eric
June 2017

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As I have previously mentioned, my favorite activity in Montana is biking on Going to the Sun road before it is open to car traffic.  Since I'd done it 3 times with Amy by this point, I decided it was time for Eric to share the experience.  We borrowed Jeb's bike and took off for the park one somewhat rainy Saturday, hoping for a sunny afternoon.  

What a huge snail!  Or slug?  I don't know, it was slimy.  My shoe is in the shot for scale. 

 Our first activity in the park was to do the Avalanche Lake hike, about 2 miles.  
Everything was so very green and the water was running strong, it was beautiful.

That water was a very impressive force.
   A waterfall glimpsed from the hiking trail

Cool rock formations for my geo-head husband to admire
 A stream trickling through the deep, dark woods.   

Avalanche Lake

On this same day, six tourists surrounded a grizzly bear up here and frightened it into the lake.  
It had to swim to get away from them, and I hear bears don't really like to swim.  The park rangers 
closed this trail after that for many days so the bear could find another place to hang out.  

  This deer was obviously accustomed to being fed by the tourists


Taking a closer look at some of the waterfalls coming into the lake

 Me & Avalanche Lake Me & E & Avalanche Lake
 Heading back down the trail If you got a rock then yo I'll climb it...  (Chanted to the tune of Ice, Ice, Baby)
 The sun was trying to come out for us by this point I love how these roots are so tenacious.  
 Eric, wishing he could throw my camera in the creek Wow! A last picture from the hike, next comes the bike ride. 


 Our first views from the bikes  

Eric, taking in the mountains
  Away we go

This gives a tiny glimpse into how those mountains make you feel from below.



 On our drive out, we stopped to explore a climbing area
 that Eric had never visited before.  It was probably his 
 favorite part of the day!  

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