A Special Glacier Park Afternoon
September 9, 2016

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I went to "town" (Kalispell, over an hour away) for some shopping one day.  When I finished I realized that the weather was too perfect to miss this opportunity, so I went on into Glacier Park for a couple of hours.  It was a short visit, but it was a truly special time for me.  I really love it there.  

As I was leaving my house, I tried to capture my view of the Canadian
Rockies. My camera can't do the mountains justice.

  At the mouth of Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park
 Looking the opposite way of the previous picture, you see the river flowing into the lake. 
As I was standing on the bridge taking in the view, this black bear came out and 
started foraging right beneath me.  It was really fun to be able to spy on the bear
going about his or her business.
The bear kept foraging in my direction until I started to get nervous,
but about that time it decided to head back the other direction.
  The forest floor in that area

 This is so much more impressive in real life

 Snow in the higher mountains, and low clouds to give it a spooky feel  I love these hanging valleys

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