GHK Christmas Party
Friday, December 14  2007

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It was another great party from the folks at GHK.  This year 13 of the 31 employees were hired in 2007 - there were a LOT of new faces there!  It was held at the Petroleum Club in Edmond, very near our house which was handy.  

We have a tradition at these parties where I turn my camera over to Ted, who is a professional photographer, and he goes to town with it.  It is always a great treat to see what crazy things he captures.  This year I think the upward- looking shot was his best innovation, but you can judge for yourself.


Darren & his wife

 One of the few pictures I took that night, it's a very blurry 
 shot of my table-mates.
 Terry & his wife Pam & her husband
 Ted & Jane  The nostrils of Eric, Ted, and me
 Allison Handing out the homemade hot chocolate mix - yum!!
 Jerry's wife
At this point Ted started trying to see 
how many pictures he could get into...

 We finally made him take one with us girls only.


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