Girlfriend's Conference 2007
June 7 - 9, 2007

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This is the big annual women's conference at our church.  It was a great one this year, especially because of all the things we got to do with the Rescue the Girls program.  
 Danny & Sarge and the van they drove for me - they rocked!  Melissa & Missy
 Susan with her prize  Jenellis with the girls


Everyone is waiting expectantly for Natalie's new baby


Patrice, Niresha, and Dionne

Patrice, Nicole, and Dionne
   Shisheika, looking lovely
 Shisheika, Nicole, and Niresha  S'yriah Ross

 Here the proud momma gets in the shot: Dionne & S'yriah

 This was an awesome salsa dance act - I loved it!


Lorinda & Me (and I was not sleeping at the time!)
   Dionne prepares for her future as a lecturer

Beauty in action
   Beautiful M'yniah

Magnolia & her daughter

  Niresha & M'yniah (she refused to smile for me!)
For awhile M'yniah escorted me around, selecting who to get her picture taken with 
 Here she is with Sarah ...and Mary
 Kim, very pleased with her makeover Joy and her little girl
 Susan gave her hair to "Locks for Life" Roberta with her beautiful smile

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