A Memorial to our Fuzzy
April 9, 2007

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On our 13th anniversary we lost our cat of 14 years, Fuzzy.  He was an unusual cat, extremely smart (some would say crafty) and highly aggressive to anyone who was not me or Eric.  Once in his life he was nice to my Mom, but that was under extreme conditions on a cross-country drive from New Orleans to Bartlesville.  He had become a pretty frustrating cat in his later years, but he was extremely affectionate with me & Eric and was the best nap buddy you could ever ask for.  
 Here he is thinking hard about that giant foot above him.
 He became such a big cat it is hard to believe he was ever so small.
He always had a fondness for stinky things!
 He also liked to perch on high places with 
 one arm hanging down.
Like this

Like all cats, he always had  
to climb inside any open box.

   We thought he loved water until we got Priss
 and found out how much a cat can really love water!
 He would often sleep on his back with 
 a look of pure joy on his little face.
He used Zack as a pillow quite often.  There was no doubt
that he was the alpha cat of the household.  His only confusion
was whether we were above or below him on the pecking order.

This is how he looked most often.

   Eric, clowning with him 
 to see what he would do.

He loved to roll in the dust on the screened-in porch.

   He had the most expressive face of any cat I've ever had.
 He truly was very intelligent.  If only he'd have used his powers for good... 

Aerial shot

   Anytime you laid down he would be in your lap and very comfortable in an instant.
 Another shot of him happily sleeping. This shows a glimpse of his grumpy side.
 This shows how long we've had him - back to my days 
 of big hair and even bigger glasses! 
 This basket was always a favorite with the cats.
 That blanket was on the papasan to protect it 
  from cat hair.  He was far too clever for me!
 Here he decides these things are way too nice for me, 
 they must surely belong to him instead!
 Also the sink belongs to him as well. And this shelf.
 And this Taco Mayo bag. Here he demonstrates his power to hold you in a chair.

Here he appears to be frighteningly tall.

   And here's a shot taken only a month before
 he died of them snuggling with Eric.  BTW - he
 was the reason there was plastic on our leather 
 furniture, but let's try to focus on the good times!

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