South Florida
June 21 - 25, 2007

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Eric and I spent 4 very relaxing days in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a very nice little town just north of Ft. Lauderdale.  We stayed in a great little place called, "A Little Inn by the Sea" and got to snorkel, swim, and sight-see as much as we wanted.  We also visited a great church, Calvary Chapel of Ft. Lauderdale.  It was ironic that the day we visited that church they had a guest band - all the way from Oklahoma City.  What are the chances?! 
 Here Eric checks out the beach first thing on Friday morning A look back at our hotel.  Our room was on the top floor in the center of the pic.
 A view up the beach toward the pier The view from our room - very nice!
 This was taken from our balcony Here's a long-distance shot of Eric, enjoying his spot by the water

One afternoon we did a tourist attraction called "Butterfly World" it was cool

We were very vigilant to ensure that no butterflies 
 were molested while we were on the premises.
Here's a hatching area that was pretty neat
 This guy tried to get a free ride on my shoe Eric starts a feeding frenzy in the goldfish pond

 These pictures are of an Australian Birdwing Butterfly.  
We were told it is the largest butterfly in the world but the internet disagrees.  
I have read that it's the largest in Australia though.  No matter what, it was very pretty and very big!


Now we're in the aviary, checking out the cool birds

 Here is an Owl Butterfly, bedding down for the night  

I don't know it's name but I called it 'rainbow bird'

  The bird in the upper right corner was a baby just learning to fly

Don't mess with me, buster!


Me, amidst the foliage

I love the color of this bird
 Can you believe this shot?  I was trying to take a picture of the flower
 and the bird flew right into the frame.  Coolness!
 My sexy husband on the suspension bridge



The next day we spent the morning snorkeling and saw lots of great stuff.  
We saw a shark, a sea turtle, a school of large tuna, and tons of other great stuff


Later that day we went to "Flamingo Gardens" - which is a place that 
takes in hurt wild animals and lets them live in this zoo/park-type place. 

 There were peacocks everywhere in the park, often showing off

   It wouldn't be Flamingo Gardens without a few of these guys, right?!
I left this picture kind of large
because I liked it
Here an otter plays in the little house they made for him Here three otters are play fighting, rolling around and around in the water

There were lots of lizards running around the place

 Here, a bird takes a keen interest when Eric approaches a food dispenser  And it pays off!  
 I never thought pretty and swampy would go together, but this works. Here I am looking at a giant tortise
 Here he is up close.  He had a bony thing to rest his head on under his chin.  This guy was showing off so I had to capture it
 Eric feeding the peacocks This was an interesting tree but I've forgotten it's story now, sorry.
 Injured Eagles - a pair of them Are those the eyes of a predator or what?!

Golden Eagle
  Great Horned Owl
  Screech Owls  Barn owls
 I think this was a falcon  I don't think this guy was feeling very well
I know it's just a gull but I thought it was cute Another lizard, wandering around
And another...


Eric, being ignored by
the Pelicans
 Pelican portrait I have no idea what was going on here but I thought
it looked interesting.
This was one of the restaurants two 
blocks from our hotel. 

It was a great trip!


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