How High's the Water Momma?
June 14, 2010

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We had ourselves a flood one Monday morning in June.  Here are my attempts to document it. 
I had just driven through this intersection minutes before took
this picture.  I had been trying to get to the gym for Spin class but gave up.
 This is the little creek/drainage ditch near our house in the park.
This is the metal railing on other side of that same bridge, I have a picture below of this bridge in normal times. This is another bridge in our park.  The water is normally nowhere
even close to it. 
 Same bridge, other side This is one of the main roads, fairly near our house (26th & Western-ish)
This picture came from the web site.

 To give some perspective, here are some scenes of the same areas in non-flood conditions: 

In this picture of non-flood times, I am standing at the metal rail I show flooded above. This squirrel sits on the edge of the other bridge, and you can see that there's
normally only a trickle of water down below.  

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