Flathead Quilt Show 2017

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I was honored to be able to participate in the Flathead Quilter's Guild show this year.  I entered 3 quilts, and one of them even won a small honor!  I enjoyed volunteering at the show and making friends with more of the guild ladies.  It was a great weekend.  
 My Charming Flowers quilt won 3rd place Viewer's Choice in the 
 "Domestic Machine Quilted" category.  
My Digital Geode quilt was entered as a theme quilt, the theme had to do with Diamonds.
 The following are some of my favorite quilts that I saw in the show.
 This is a really cool take on a Log Cabin quilt.
Beautiful applique and this big old thing was HAND QUILTED.  So much work!  
 I love the movement of this quilt.   One of the coolest Bargellos I've seen.

 These two mini quilts were done as part of the Guild's Challenge.  It's like a game to design a quilt that meets certain criteria.  These two ladies made works of art! 


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