Flathead Quilt Show, Kalispell MT
September 22, 2016

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I was not going to be able to attend the actual quilt show itself, so I did the next best thing and volunteered to help set it up.  I had a great day meeting the other guild members and admiring the beautiful quilts.  I'm sure the show was a huge success.  I've shown only a few of the hundreds of amazing quilts on this page.  
Finger Lakes Log Cabin by Brian Dykhuizen  Fire Island by Edna Cotton
 My 1st K. Diamonds by Linda Anderson  Gentleman's Agreement by Jane Nelson-Ott
 Blue Jay by Salena Korpi Beckwith Old Fort at the Eric Mine Alaska by Joan Hodgeboom 

 More quilts by the featured quilter Brian Dykhuizen 


Remembering Colorado by Dawn Siden

 Aurora Borealis by Carole Kohl  

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