Flathead Fair
August 21, 2015

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I enjoyed a Friday night out with Eric's parents to the Flathead Fair in Kalispell.  There we were joined by Eric's uncle Tim and brother Dan with Tracie and Lane.  We had a really nice dinner and got some exciting weather to add to the fun.  A good time was had by all.   
 Rose, Tim (Uncle Timmy to us), and Dan Sr. Stolen hay is the tastiest!
I expected to feel like this after a bag of Kettle Korn, but then I didn't get any.
It's probably for the best! 
Tuffy!  He belonged to the Casazza family for many years, now he's in the fair.
 Reunion of old friends Telling Tuffy stories



The "D Bar C" brand from Tuffy's days on Dan Sr.'s ranch
   This was his information sheet, but I couldn't read it on that background.
A storm with violent winds came up while we were in the horse barn. Dan Jr. 
had to help a group of guys keep that huge door from blowing in on the horses.
Rose & I waited in safety at the other end of the barn
 Next, we took cover from the rain at the Dahlia building Stunning flowers! 
 Dan & Tim took these chairs because they were empty, then everyone started
 thinking they represented the Montana Dahlia Society.  Dan really played it up!
The storm blew the smoke away, Praise the Lord!  Beautiful skies after the brief storm.  
Tim & I signed up for a chance to go into the 'money grab' thing,
I was very thankful that I didn't win.  I might have put my own eye out! 
This quilt is on display everywhere I go, and I love it more each time I see it. 
 This quilt was prettier in person than my picture makes it look. This was funny - they were fruits and vegetables made up like cats with cute names.
 This quilt looks like snowmen tucked into bed - clever! This was one of my favorite quilts at the Eureka Quilt Show.  I could see it more closely here.


 I love quilts, can you tell?!

 What an original, creative design they used for this quilt. This is a new style in quilts where you end up with more of a picture than a quilt - beautiful

This project involved 6 ladies who each took a portion of the photo at right of a cliff dwelling.
Without sharing their plans or work, they each made their own panel, then put them together. 
  This is the back side of that beautiful flower quilt.  Even the quilting is amazing.

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