Fun in Fernie
September 2017

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Eric and I decided to spend a weekend together in Fernie, BC one smoky weekend.  Good thing we started with a hike because the whole country closed it's hiking trails at noon that day due to fire danger.  Seemed a bit excessive to us, but the Canadian government wasn't open to reason on the topic.  
 Sights in downtown Fernie Historic oil derrick on the edge of town
See, I told you it was a historic oil derrick Stuffed wolf in the visitor center.  He's a big boy. 
I have to come back when there isn't smoke, the mountains were beautiful!   
Lovely sights from the short hike we got to take before the trails closed.  
We also did some shopping in the downtown shops and had a lovely meal.
We've decided we will be making this trip again next year, it's a nice place. 

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