A Visit from Mom & Dad
April 17 & 18, 2004

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On Saturday the 17th I was in a fashion show at our church, the Church of the Harvest.  It was a very nice show and a lot of fun to do.  Since Eric was out of town and would have to miss it, my ever-supportive parents drove all the way across the state to see the show.  It wasn't Dad's thing in the least, but he was a great sport. 

We had a great weekend together.  I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would, mostly because I felt Dad had put up with enough already!

Here's our group - we modeled for Kokopelli
Gwen, Tammy, Detra, Me, and Denise
Here we are, awaiting our turn to walk the runway
Here's another group, they were so cute This is Jana herding the child models
A group of the young models
These girls were friends of ours, they did a great job
  Dana Carter also did an excellent job on the song for that set

After the fashion show and lunch, we went to the 
OKC Bombing Memorial since Dad hadn't seen it.

    Here is a nice picture of the survivor tree above the reflecting pool. 
  This was a cute bird who had built a nest in a tree
  just above the field of empty chairs.  

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