BCM Falls Creek Retreat
April 8 - 9, 2016

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The Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Oklahoma City University invited the International Students on a weekend retreat at Falls Creek.  Eric and I went along as volunteers. We really enjoyed the time with the students as well as with our favorite family: Wei, Jiayi, Isabel, Melody, and Jiayi's parents.  It was a good weekend!
 Isabel thinks Uncle Eric is "all that."  She loves him! 
Melody, however, finds him terribly frightening.
Here he had just tried to hold her, not understanding 
that NO ONE except Mom is allowed to do that.  

Melody is still a little teary-eyed after her encounter with scary Uncle Eric, 
(who is still lurking in the corner!)  
  No worries, Isabel will take all the Eric attention she can get.  
 Eric and Jiayi's step-dad shooting hoops The gang on a walk
 Isabel, rock climber in training. She is fearless.  Melody gets the idea, she's just a little young for this yet.

That's why God created Dads - they're great at giving a boost
  Isabel's first experience with a Dandelion.  There was a lot of 
spit involved at first, but she figured it out. 
This girl loves sweets almost as much as her mother does.  
You can tell she's had the cup pressed to her face! 
Scenery from Falls Creek
 Could these be the falls that are the namesake of the camp?  Perhaps.  

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