Ryan & Erin's Visit
November 5-9, 2002

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Our good friends, Ryan & Erin Fairfield, came to town on a house-hunting mission.  We talked them into staying with us so that we'd have a chance to visit with them.  In the end we were almost never home, but it was nice having them around the few times we were all there at once! 

On the first night we had a great visit and a nice soak in the hot tub. After the LONG drive from Borger, they really needed the hot tub!  On Friday night we had a group dinner for them at Mi Luna.  Lots of people came out to welcome the Fairfields to town.


Here we are, catching up & relaxing
  in the hot tub on Tuesday night

Erin has a knife, Ryan looks scared, what's going on here?!!  


Heather & PJ - happy as always!

Catherine, Sam, & Peter - we finally got them to come out with us!!
(Sam was trying very hard not to close his eyes for the picture)
Stacey & Michael must have been very funny that night,
or is that my glass she's refilling (again!)?
Sam tried his hand at digital photography and came up
with this very artistic shot.  It's called, 'Fairfields and Pepsi'.
I like it!

Saying goodbye to the Laudons while Sam sleeps standing up

You can never get a candid shot of Ryan without catching him in
a strange face.  Wonder why that would be?

Visiting with Sunshine & Bill at Little Woodrow's, our next stop

They are either posing for me or propping each other up!


Is PJ pushing her over or just helping her hold that heavy phone?

Me with my friends Erin & Stacey
  I would LOVE to hear the story that goes with those hand motions!
We ran into Chris Modica in Mi Luna on a date so
they came to Little Woodrow's to join us afterward.
Michael, being serenaded by Ryan

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