E-Rock Trip
November 2002

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This was our camping / rock climbing trip to Enchanted Rock State Park.  It didn't quite turn out the way we had planned, but parts of it were really nice.  It's very beautiful there and we got pretty good weather, and it's always nice to get away from the city.

We got in late Thursday night and camped for two nights.  Then we were joined by the Bramwells for a day of hiking on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I hurt my back mid-day Saturday so we had to go back home after that.  It would have been nice if we could have stayed, as more friends (Mark & Sarah Lappin) were going to join us later that day.  After surviving the four hour drive home, I spent the next week on the couch with some very good muscle relaxers. 



 Here's Eric tending the fire very early Friday morning I had to go out and capture some of the scenery in the sunrise
   Eric, during a hike to one of the climbing spots
   Great shot of Eric climbing with the blue sky behind him


 This is Saturday, we're preparing for our hike with the Bramwells   And away we go!



 The Enchanted Rock, we eventually hiked to the top One of many stops to get rocks out of shoes 



   This is Ellen & Megan, they are so cute



You can't see him, but Eric is climbing while Nigel watches
This is while we're half-way up E-Rock
Here we sit, resting while Eric climbs
That Keaton knows how to rest!



  Now Eric teaches the girls how they can climb rocks too
Somehow that doesn't sound quite safe to me!



Here we are at our stop for lunch.  This rock had all these bumps on it that were perfect to use as chairs.

This is where Ellen made a comment that I'll never forget.  After Gillian called Cheetos Cheerios by mistake,
Ellen said, (in her best 'don't mind her - she's "slow" tone') "Mummy can't help it, she was born in England." 




They've found a sunny spot and are enjoying it fully

Gillian and Keaton, out exploring



Now for the tricky part, the dismount 

Ellen, on the mushroom rock  



Keaton really likes this style of hiking! On the trail again...

Now we're headed up the side of E-Rock. It was a steep climb!








Here we are on top, checking out the little pool of water that had collected there.  It was cold, but Ellen could hardly stay out of it!




The whole gang Nigel, being a gentleman by carrying two backpacks for us

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