Eric's Mountain Excursion
September, 2015

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Two of Eric's brothers, Jeb & Dan, were planning an elk hunting trip one weekend.  They decided Eric should go along to enjoy the scenery and their company.  It turned out to be a bit more death-defying than Eric would have liked - he prefers to take his risks by rock climbing!  Thankfully they returned him home to me safe & sound.  

 A grouse seen along the way.
When the couldn't drive any further they used motorbikes
to get higher into the mountains, until they had to leave 
the bikes behind and go on foot.  It was a long trip.
 A view of the brushy terrain Jeb, with the "tent" they set up for the night
If Casazza boys are involved, you can be sure 
there will be a fire
Beautiful sunset from the top of the mountain
   Stopping for a rest break on the way out.

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