Eric & Luc Climbing
Fall 2006

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These boys climb all the time, here's just a few pictures of some of their adventures in the Wichitas and beyond.


The following pictures were from the first visit to Spring Fling at Quartz Mountain
 The ever-resourceful Steve creates a killer chair out
 of a crash pad.  Hang loose dude.  
 Luc's eye for the shot
 The leader of the pack  Eric on a crack climb in Quartz
 Nice shots of our buddies, Steve & Luc



Luc always made climbing look easy (but I can tell you that it most certainly is not!) 

 I don't know this friend, but Luc got a good shot of him.   For Eric, naps in the sun and hamburgers on the grill are an 
 essential part of any climbing day.
 I imagine Steve probably got these great shots of Luc on this route Luc, pulling hard on not much

See what I mean about not much? 
  Luc captures the elusive "authentic Eric smile" - it is very hard to
get in a photograph and is mostly seen only in climbing pictures.
The friend making a wild leap I believe this is called a "side cling"

I think Steve's jump is even more impressive because of that knee brace.
Who does a jump like this while wearing a knee brace and a backpack?!
   Beautiful flag over a beautiful country


 Luc called this shot, "The Eyes Have It" He got this one too, I always really liked this picture.

Quartz Mountain, as captured by Luc


The next set of pictures were from a trip to Lost Dome in the Wichitas in February of 2008 


 I like how Cassy gets Crab Eyes in the background of these pictures  

Cassy and Eric are champion nappers.  Here Cassy shows off her crazy nap skills.

The next set was taken at Elk Slabs in March of 2008



The next set of pictures were from a trip to Quartz Mountain in March of 2008


 Cassy starting a climb Did I mention that Cassy is a total stud?  I would be whining, 
"This is scratching my arms!" but she just climbs it.
 Steve & Eric and the view Steve & Eric
 Sweet, sweet Jess This crew was always climbing until the sun went down - hard core!

Here are pictures of a climbing day with Luc, Steve, and Eric in the Wichitas.  
I don't know what date they were taken.  It looks like it was a bit chilly, 
I'll bet Eric tried to get out of that one, but Luc wouldn't be having any of that! 

Side note - it was probably terrible pictures like the shots below that inspired Luc to take up photography as a serious hobby.  



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