Eric turns 47
August 6, 2015

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We celebrated Eric's birthday with his parents this year with a very nice dinner at their house, followed by a relaxing evening (for me) and debate-watching for the men.  It was nice and low-key, Eric's favorite.

Rose had the table set so pretty for the meal
  The cake, she tried to make icing out of a divinity recipe - it was a little bit
liquid, but it tasted great! 
 The funny card his parents gave him.  As a rock climber, it was very appropriate. Rose and I sat out in her flower garden and were blessed by six
birds coming up all at once to the bird bath beside us. Of course, that 
was before I had my camera.  After I got it they came up one at a time. 
  Tipper's guilty face because she knows she isn't supposed to drink out of the
bird bath.  Forbidden water is always the sweetest!  She's a sweet dog. 

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