Eric & Andy Visit
August 2020

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In our Oklahoma lives, Eric's primary climbing buddies were Eric & Andy.  Those guys climbed together nearly every weekend and met at the climbing gym mid-week as well.  He had really missed hanging out with them, so was thrilled when they came up for a week's visit.  We alternated days of climbing with days of touristing.  It was a great trip!
I picked the guys up at the airport and enjoyed a late lunch in Whitefish where we explored
the area a little bit.  Then we visited Eric at the batch plant where he was working.  After dinner
we took the guys on our usual walk where we picked berries and apples along the way. 
After our walk, Eric H. is laden down with apples


The Hillbilly Hot Tub, where we swam several times.  Sunset over Costich Lake
 The guys, ready for an action-packed vacation We spent the following day at Glacier National Park.  Always a hit as it is so beautiful. 

Taking in the perspective at an overlook.

Dogs are technically not allowed in Glacier Park, so Buddy had limited freedom.  

Buddy, looking majestic in the mountains

  This little gopher was tormenting Buddy with all his squeaking.
 Andy Eric

The hardest part of this hike is finding a place to park! 

Doing the Hidden Lake hike above Logan Pass  
  As a Geology question, get a long answer! 
  As we arrive at the Hidden Lake overlook, we see there are mountain goats hanging out. 


Eric H. moving in for some better photos


Hidden Lake, I assume







Next, the guys wanted to do the Avalanche Lake hike.  Eric and I were pooped, so we
hung out down below and waited for them.  Here we let Buddy enjoy splashing around
in the shallows.  

  I then hiked the early part of the Avalanche Lake trail, which I consider 
to be the prettiest part of the hike.  

The water was rushing so powerfully, it was very impressive. 


This rock has probably been tumbling around in this spot for years, grinding out that hole. 

  Eric & Andy have long-ago been allowed into Buddy's "pack".  
He doesn't have many human friends, but they've managed to make the list. 
 Climbing at Stone Hill over Lake Koocanusa.  This climb is "Room with a View".   Climbing at Stillwater Canyon on the Stillwater river, another beautiful spot. 

Eric H. shared this with me, it's one of my favorite pictures!  


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