Eric's 50th Birthday Chuck Wagon Dinner
August 6, 2018

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My handsome husband turned the big 5-0 on August 6th this year.  We celebrated with a visit to Cripple Creek Horse Ranch, owned by our wonderful church friends Ora Jay  and Irene Eash.  (BTW, they also did the amazing accomplishment of writing a successful and very good book.  I am so proud of them!  You can buy it here: )  They offer sleigh rides in the winter, we're going to try that the first winter we spend in Montana.  

We had a big group so they hooked up two wagons for us. 

  Horse bottoms and a lovely view, somewhat washed out by my poor picture taking.

Nathan having a good time with his parents in the white wagon

Mark was excited to drive the team for a while.  

Part of the lovely scenery on the wagon ride

  Casazzas and an Eash doggie in the wooden wagon
Heading back in  Ora Jay keeps this longhorn steer as a kind of a pet
The campsite where they serve the dinner after the wagon ride Best buds, Lane & Aubrey are ready to eat - so they can get back to playing! 
 Lane and Aubrey getting their own ride from the little pony Jeb & Amy chatting with Rusty & Cody
 Jeb & Amy, all smiles after Amy beat Jeb at corn hole!   
Two ol' cowboys, talking things over The ladies were chatting in another area, where Eric visited in order to get a snack.
Aubrey is getting the hang of this!  Looks like there will be a pretty sunset later tonight over Dickey lake.  What a lovely night we had! 

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