Eureka Montana Quilt Show 
August 2017

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Each year our little town of Eureka puts on a huge quilt show.  Quilts are hung all over the entire town, and visitors come from far away to wander through all the beautiful quilts.  The volunteer effort involved is really amazing.  This year I was blessed to help out a bit and had a great time with it.  What a great show!  

On the Wednesday before the show, we took over the Glacier Bank community room to
accept the quilts, sort them, and organize them into piles for where they will be hung. 

The ladies who decide where the quilts will go are the amazing ones here, so much work! 

  There were about 550 quilts this year, and they're all hung by 8:30am.


 The Eureka Historical Village is the center of the quilty activity.  This is where the vendor booths are, 
most of the quilts are displayed, where the food vendors set up, and where the quilt boutique is located.  





 But the quilts don't stop there, they go on both sides of the street - all the way up main street and beyond.  
 There's a large display at the Veteran's Memorial park as the 'end cap' to the amazing display of quilts. 



   The event fills the town with visitors.  


Here I am with one of my two entries.  This is called "Framed Swoon" and is one of my favorites. This is my other entry, called, "Charming Flowers."  Someone spilled coffee on it 
during the show (sad face!) but I was able to get the stain out, thankfully.  

One of my volunteer duties was to photograph every one of the nearly 550 quilts in the show. 
It was a huge job, but it is so great to have the pictures after the event.   

Below are a few of my favorite quilts from the show. 

 Antique hexie quilt By my friend Annie Dueker
 A mini quilt also by Annie Dueker  A flannel quilt by Bev Higgins, who comes down from Canada with many of her quilts

 Bunny Franklin specializes in quilts for veterans.  These are two of my favorites that she bought to the show. 

 This one is called Eureka! by Jan Smith.  The pattern was designed 
 by local quilter Jackie Robinson to honor this town.
I don't know Jan Smith, but I put 3 of her quilts on here so I guess I'm a fan! 

Another Jan Smith, called Metro Hoops
  Joan Hodgeboom, a Kalispell lady who makes amazing quilts
 Another Joan Hodgeboom creation. My friend Judy Huber-Cogswell made this and many other lovely pieces for the show. 
 Embroidered hearts by Marianne Buller, the new owner of the Quilt Gallery in Kalispell. A lovely red & white quilt by Marie Blunk.  It got my vote for “VOTER’S CHOICE”,
although I never find out which quilt wins the award.   
 Maureen Louden's baby quilt, "Soft Sheep" - the sheep are made from minkie so they are very pettable!  My friend Melody Casey made this lovely Christmas table topper
 Melody also made this beautiful red & white quilt, it was my 2nd favorite in the show. Fun idea for a baby quilt by Robin Rapp
 Fun appliqué quilt made by my friend and quilt show organizer Susan Crandall I really love this quilt, also by Susan Crandall.

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