Ellie's Wedding
March 19, 2016

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My dear friend Ellie got married in OKC recently, and I was so happy to be there to see it.  It was a very beautiful service, put on in large part by her other close friend Judy Webb.  Ellie's parents and brother flew over from Korea to be here for the wedding, which was a real treat.  They will also have a Korean service in South Korea this fall.  
 Here she is after the make-up appointment, she looked beautiful already And then the hair appointment came next, it looked great!
She looks so bridal already!  The men of the wedding party await the big moment when the bride will arrive
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 Here comes the bride!  The happy couple 

The happy couple with our friend Chelsea Lake, who played the piano
very beautifully during the service

Wei, Aaron, Ellie, and Jiayi
 Me and my sweet friend Jiayi, who I met through Ellie  

Me with the lovely bride
  Ellie opening my gift - a quilt I made for them in a Native American pattern

Ellie's brother, Mother, and Father
  Ellie with her Mom
 Ellie with her Dad  


The new families



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