Ellie's Family Visit
Summer 2011

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My friend Ellie's family came from Korea for an extended visit this summer.  I enjoyed two evenings with them.  The first was a Korean meal at Ellie's apartment.  The second was an American cookout at our house.  Both nights were fun and Ellie was a great interpreter. Her family is awesome! 


Ellie's dad, me, Ellie's uncle, Ellie's mom, and Ellie's aunt




 We visited Life Church in Edmond
 to see Master Kim doing a special
 Tae Kwon Do exhibition.  They 
 enjoyed visiting with him afterward. 
 Here the gang learns how to assemble a hamburger.  It was their first ever!
 They really enjoyed them but found them to be a LOT to eat.  
Here Ellie's dad informs Eric that his 3rd degree belt certificate is fake.
Not really, they're just checking it out!  :-) 

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