Eric's First Degree Black Belt Test
Friday, September 24, 2004

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Here Eric is being introduced by Master Kim



Watching as another student breaks a board
   Here Eric holds the board for a young student

Here they are - the black belt testers doing their forms

This was a very neat effect caused by the video light on the opposite side  
Here Eric prepares to break 3 boards with a jumping back kick.  His right foot will go around behind him before striking (and shattering!) the boards.



This is one of Eric's signature moves - 
a flying side kick where he spends a LOT of time airborne.

Here Eric breaks three boards with a punch.  His hand is healing up nicely... A shot of Eric sparring with Brian
Videos of the sparring section of the test

Round 1: Two Opponents   /  Round 2:  Two Opponents  /  Round 3:  Three Opponents  /  Round 4: Three Opponents

 Eric reading his answer to the essay question DeAngelo & Brian - fellow students
 Kyle & Mona

Master Kim and the Black Belt testers:
Kyle, Mona, Master Kim, Denise, and Eric


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