Easter Dinner
Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Our good friends Wei & Jiayi hosted a wonderful dinner at a local Chinese restaurant for a group of us the night before Easter.  Guests included the star of the show, new baby Isabel, Wei's parents, next-door-neighbors and friends (I only know them as "Jane's family" right now, I will get names ASAP!), Feng He, and our good friend Ellie.  It was a lovely evening. 
Eric held Isabel for a long time - until the food started to arrive!  Precious little Isabel
Wei's dad didn't let her get a whimper out before he 
would scoop her up and take her for a walk.  It was so cute! 
An impressive storm brewing that evening which, of course, didn't bring us any rain.
OKC has an anti-rain force field these days! 
The happy family The whole gang
 I didn't get any pictures of Ellie - I am sad that I missed that!! Happy Easter everyone!!! 

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