East Glacier
August 13 & 14, 2016

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After our time with the Potter's Field Kids ministry in Browning, we decided to camp overnight and check out the east side of Glacier Park.  We usually approach from the west side, so this would be an interesting change.  
 Saturday evening we stopped in the small town of East Glacier to check out the amazing lodge It was built in 1913 and is an amazing place with beautiful grounds.
These trees are real, and so large it seems impossible. Eric is giddy from the excitement of touring the hotel
I haven't seen a phone booth in decades!  Later we checked out a hiking trail near a river
My Okie heritage leaves me forever enthralled by such crystal clear water Handsome dude on the rock

Me, taking a turn on the rock


A nice lady came by and offered to take this for us, I love it! 



Next, the nice lady mentioned how she had wanted to cross the stream but felt it
wouldn't be good idea.  That's all he needed to hear...

  There he is on the other side


 Pre-and post-jump pictures of him getting across the largest gap


 Evening views into the mountains from Highway 2 east of Essex  
  The next morning, we started our journey at Running Eagle Falls

This was so cool - the stream has been underground for a long time
when it pops out here in this beautiful falls.



I made this shot extra large so you could see Eric up there exploring.
I circled him in red toward the upper right corner.

 Now he is sitting above the falls My best shot of the falls that day
A nice man took this for us  Morning mountain views

Checking out the Two Medicine hiking trail guide

Two Medicine Lake  
Two Medicine Lake from our first hiking break at Paradise Point  
Eric relaxes while he waits for me to take pictures Eric soaking in the sights as he waits for me to catch up 
A beaver dam made for a neat little lake.  We explored all around there. A shallow river we crossed on the hike

Eric examines the bridge while he waits for me to take pictures

  Me in front of what I think was Aster Falls 
Let's just agree to call it Aster Falls Eric took this for me, looking down over the edge from the top.  I would have fallen in! 
Me, waiting in safety for the return of my camera, and husband, of course!  Another view of the beaver pond
Eric decided to be nice to me by taking Going To the Sun road back home instead of the 
faster, less scenic route.  It was prime tourist time so it was a slow (but beautiful) drive.
Deep thoughts from a roadside stop
 The waterfalls were all around the edge of this valley, even this late in the year. One of the waterfalls we drove past
This one got me wet inside the car! Tunnel
 Another beautiful falls along the road We also saw a big-horned sheep but not for long enough to get a picture.  Great trip! 

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