Eash Dinner
August 2017

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We were blessed to spend an evening with the Eash family recently.  We had a lovely dinner and a fun outing to the lake for some fishing.  Grant caught the biggest fish on his little kid rig, so it was a challenge to bring in that big fish without breaking the line.  Exciting! 
 Heading out in the golden evening light Getting Grant started
He's a natural Leah was the official caster for Vera.  I tried once and it was a disaster!  I did make a nice bird's nest.

Eli and his mini-me

  Grant made his catch, now Eli helps him reel it in
 She went out into the weeds so Eric waded in to coax her onto shore Look at Grant, he's amazed! 

He was thrilled, but not enough to hold it

  There's the fisherman with his big catch.  Good job! 
 Lovely family and my handsome husband.  Great evening!   

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