Deepwater Christmas Party
December 2001
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At Pat & Heather's house - preparing for the big event Pat assisting Heather with her preparations.  What a gentleman!
Posing for some pre-party photos.
And here we are, mingling and watching for the buffet to open. The Beeley brothers - John and Hugh (these boys are trouble!)
What a surprise to find the IT folks gathered
around the shrimp cocktail!
I took this in case Lisa Ashabranner was wondering what the back of her hair looked like.

Happy partygoers, enjoying the open bar.

Pat & Heather with the caricature artist.
Amy enjoying a rare occasion -
being in the same state with her boyfriend Dan!
Scenes from dinner... This was our table.  Tammy, Eric and I were the first ones in the buffet line. Surprised??  Of course not!
I caught Bill in the middle of a fish tale.


Ritchie looks like he's listening intently but he's actually thinking, "Only two weeks until I get out of this bloody country and back to civilization!" 
Dinner and dancing

The Beeley brothers acting silly, Patty and Jenny rockin' the dance floor, & deep thoughts from Eric & Cheryl.

This was the "official" picture of us taken by Cherie Stallings.
  The end!

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