Dragon Boat Race
June 17, 2006

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Thanks to my friends the Hanoch family, I got to spend an interesting day participating in a Dragon Boat race on the river near Bricktown.  It was a fun and unique experience and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.  However, my competitive nature finally showed itself and I'm still miffed that we didn't beat Dell!
This is a look at the beautiful boat house that Chesapeake built.
It also shows you the threatening nature of the weather that day.
 There were 5 teams of 20 people racing that day - without a soul who knew what we
 were doing.  Some folks came up from Houston to give us a little pre-race coaching.

This has got to be one of the dorkiest
pictures ever taken of me - I hope so 
anyway! (Heaven help me if it gets worse!)

This was me practicing the proper rowing
technique.  Obviously, I'm a natural athlete. :-)

The promotional literature had said we'd be in "elaborately decorated boats."  Here we are, getting ready.  I'm just happy to be off the dock which was 
 swarming with mosquitoes and spiders.
 Our fearless leader - being smothered by his own life jacket!  

They told us the most important thing was to paddle in unison. 
Looks like we're doing an excellent job here - like a well-oiled machine.

OK, this looks a little better now.  At least we're all facing the same direction. Here we are at the starting line - rearing to go.  My team is on the left.


Chesapeake vs Dell - the oilies versus the nerds for the ultimate in Dragon Boat racing excitement


It's a photo finish!  I truly think we won, don't you?
However, the officials called it for Dell.  (I'll bet they all got new laptops soon afterward too...)

 Beckey & Kathy, getting cozy
 Hurray!  They called the races when we started seeing lightening everywhere.  Here we are, getting our well-earned 2nd place awards.

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