Destin, Florida for Amy & Julio's Wedding
May 19 - 22, 2006

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Our good friends Amy Jones & Julio Gomez tied the knot in Destin, FL on Sunday the 21st of May 2006.  We had a wonderful weekend of relaxation on the beach and a great time at the wedding.  It was a very nice weekend and we would recommend Destin as a great vacation spot to anyone.  
 We had a condo at Destin Pointe, a nice little private community This was our view from the balcony with the pool below and the gulf beyond
 The sand was like sugar  
 Here we were touring sand dunes at a state park   The sunset outside our hotel
  Eric just has to get up on rocks even if they are in a pile

We found a great little church called Shoreline Church on Sunday morning,
then we went for lunch overlooking the bay and had this picture taken.

 A rare site - Eric relaxed  
 Another picture in my "Put your feet up" series - I like to capture the exact
 view I had at various times.  This one was pretty good.
 Now we are at the Hilton Sandestin, the location of the wedding.
 The site of the reception The sign-in table
 The bakery, putting the cake together 


Julio was entertaining the guests in the lounge before the wedding.
Here he is with Barbara Tillotson.  She has agreed to be his 'movie
date,'  saving Amy from having to attend scary movies with him.
Our friend Ritchie Wayland was one of 4 guests who
came all the way from Europe to attend the wedding
We hadn't seen our ConocoPhillips friends in ages.
Here are two now: Jenny Thompson and Doreen West.

Bill Berry, getting the story from Barbara while Jenny looks on

Ritchie was kind enough to share his pics with me.
Here's one of Eric and I heading for the beach for the ceremony.

I love this picture of my handsome husband.   



 Here are Eric & Ritchie,
 unshod and ready to 
 watch the big event.

 Notice the cloud that 
 looks like a bird above.

   It looks like Julio is getting a pep talk.  He is probably counseling
him not to yell at the hecklers in the crowd (we thought we were funny.)
 Doreen was taking pictures for Cherie Stallings who could not attend. Friend Chuck Shearer - all lit up by the setting sun
 A crowd shot Amy's parents - Hal & Betsy Jones

We met these two in a van in New Orleans
when we were there for Amy's bachelorette
get-together.  Amy invited them that day 
and they came.  How cool is that?!!

Amy makes friends this way a LOT.

 I didn't get the name of this groomsman, he 
 is escorting Amy's sister Jordan.
Amy & her Dad making the grand entrance - she looked beautiful Ritchie said, "I've never seen her wearing make up before!!"


 Everyone knows that Amy is a die-hard Auburn fan.
 At the start of the service the pastor pulled out his 
 University of Tennessee hat to give her a hard time.
 Checking to make sure none of us have any objections Now for the good part - the kiss!
 He now pronounces them man and wife I think they're happy, don't you?
 Laura visiting with our friends we met in New Orleans  Bill Trojana and Laura Faulkenberry chatting with the pastor

Eric, visiting with Chuck and one of Amy's old friends

  A look at the sunset over the ocean from our table

A scene of the reception in full swing.  
They served the best food I've ever had at a reception - yum!!

Another look at the sunset from our table


 Me & E Barbara
 Amy & Bill Trojan We had all finished eating then finally 
 the couple gots a chance to enjoy.

Laura and I showing off our matching bracelets

   Jenny showing off her professional dance skills

 Julio, showing off                                               

 The happy couple cutting a rug

 Me & E  We can't decide if they are saving her from choking or forcing her to 
 give the Pledge of Allegiance.

A very lively conversation

The toast
 Ritchie - he has no regrets on flying from 
 the UK for a weekend.  He's the man!
 Julio & his Mom
 3 generations - 1 smile
Amy's mom, Amy, Amy's grandma, Amy's aunt


   Great times!

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