Breckenridge, Colorado
July 16 - 20, 2008

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Our friends Tammy & Jason got married in Breckenridge on the 19th and we were lucky enough to get to attend.  And the luck didn't stop there!  We got to share a house with a big group of old and new friends which helped make the time even more enjoyable.  We only got one rainy afternoon and the rest of the time the weather was picture perfect.  It was a nice break from the 100+ degree temps back here in Oklahoma.

 We were the early risers of the bunch so we went on a nice walk in the area around our rental house.



The view from the deck of our house.

 Amy & Heather's first time to see each other in several years.
Amy came over from the UK and Heather came down from Anchorage.
 Old friends PJ & Eric - back together again

 The whole gang on the two-mile
 walk to town.
 Back row: Julio, PJ, Eric, Frank, Patrick
 Front row: Heather & Amy
Amy, telling us all about it
 Soaking up the scenery on our walk to town. And doing a little catching up, of course!



I took this just to show the nice view we had on our walk.


 So now you get to see it again!

 Look out downtown Breckenridge, we're on our way!

 We used to be inseparable - it was great to be back together again.  Eric, checking out the water temp: it was cold!
 This was the Hearthstone Restaurant where we ate on Thursday night. A Columbine - the state flower of Colorado.
 A tree-blocked view of our rental house.  It was huge and all tricked out. A view of the 'over the top' fountain which was great until it leaked!
 We got some rain that afternoon but it cleared up enough for a nice walk later. Our view from our walk.
 The rehearsal dinner was a BBQ open to everyone at a local park. Frank, Heather, and Amy - ready for some food!

 We just took pictures together so
  we had an excuse to get a hug!

We left the BBQ early because we had a chance to see our dear friend Glenn and his girlfriend Lisa. 
It was a great time visiting with them over a nice dinner and some live music.


 The day of the wedding a few of us decided to go on a 2 1/2 mile hike to a waterfall and a glacial lake.  
 It was supposed to be a geocaching trip but I failed to notice the description said that the cache was currently missing!
Oh well, it was a beautiful hike so we were all glad to have made the trip.

Eric, PJ, Mike, and Heather
heading for the start of the trail.
 Me & Heather took the job of bringing up the rear very seriously. A chute-like waterfall at the start of the hike.
We're almost ready to start!  Eric, looking skeptical about something.
And away we go! Thanks to Mike for sharing his pics with me, like this one.

 And these!


 The view as we crossed 
 the river on the way up.
 We were at over 11,000 feet so the going was a little rough on us. PJ doesn't show it though, does he?
 Eric, coming back from a side trip to check out the river. Now we're looking a bit weary.
Neat waterfall that had an orange-ish color to it. Now we're at the main waterfall area where PJ threw a few snowballs.
Our heroes are happy to be at a resting point for awhile. PJ seems quite content as well.
 Good friends, clean air, beautiful scenery, and great weather.  Awesome! Taking a load off & getting a snack.
 The Perfettas and a random dog that cracked us up.  The Perfettas again, this time without their new friend.
 The view below the falls. Mike, thinking deep thoughts at the waterfall.
 PJ, contemplating a chilly swim  Me & E
 Eric, doing a death-defying climb! Except that Mike caught this side-view of him standing on a ledge.

Oh yeah, that's right - you wouldn't want to mess with us.
 Showing off the biceps - "thunder" and "lightening" Now we're being ourselves
 Heather - getting things into perspective The beautiful falls
Nap time.  This always seems to happen on our trips. 


 Next we hiked further up to a beautiful glacial lake. Heather at the lake side.
 Me with the lake. Me, trying to push Eric over backward. (Not really.)
 Again with the naps?!! The rest of the gang went up the hill to relax some more.

 Enjoying the views.


 Now we've almost hiked to the bottom again.  Here's the gang at a distance and zoomed in.

 Some final scenery on the way out. I never saw the fly in this picture when I was taking it. I thought it was funny that I got him.
 A little therapeutic stretching at the end of the hike.  
 We hardly looked strange at all...
Later that evening it was time for the wedding.  Here we are, half-way 
up the mountain at the lodge where the wedding was held.
 Nice view for a wedding, eh?  Happy girls
 I've got the squints a bit but Eric looks very dapper. PJ, looking very GQ.

 The Northrop kids were amazing.  

 Here, Eric is (unsuccessfully) trying to talk his way into some of those Teddy Grahams.

Frank & Sasha, enjoying the sun.

I snuck to the changing area to get a pre-wedding glimpse of Tammy.
Doesn't she look great?!
Rhonda, Tammy's friend for like ever.
 Rob Jefferson and his wife Laura. Here comes the bride...
The sun was a little bright, but sunny weather was what we were hoping for.  Lovely!
 Jason's first look at Tammy as his bride. After the wedding, getting all bustled up.
 Julio, toasting the bride and making her nervous 
 about spills.
 Heather, PJ, and Tammy - all smiles
 The Northrops - what a great family  Jason's parents and Tammy & Jason's daughter Hayden
 Eric with Rob & Laura  The newlyweds with Amy

The happy couple
 Good friends  

 Both sides of a photo-taking duel

 Julio, trying to pass as Heather with her name tag Looooking gooood!
 A blurry shot of the cake-cutting A nice shot of the sunset on the mountain.  (Mike's picture.) 
 More pictures of the sunset. And the dancing begins.  PJ was a force.

 Amy & Julio get exciting new dancing partners.

 Sasha & Julio Me & E
 Believe it or not, PJ did not stink, I was just doing something strange with my neck. Those two are always laughing when they are together.
 PJ accepted a ride home with the Northrops BEFORE he found  
 out they were driving the SmartCar (and hauling flowers.)  
On Saturday we had about 40 people over to the house for a brunch.
Here the gang watches people arrive from the deck.
 More sun, it was an amazing day.
 Mike, PJ, Rhonda, and Tammy (not pictured) were amazing
 as they fed a constant flow of hungry people.
 Don't you love it when people take pictures of you with your mouth full?
And now for something completely different.
Let's have an abrupt change to some flower pictures.



I'm actually pretty proud of this one.  I like it a lot.



 A view of the music festival we attended Saturday afternoon.
I seem to have gotten a smear on my camera lens
that messed up this cute shot of Heather.
 It also blurred this shot of the river as well.
Saturday evening we played a little Hearts but had to go to bed
early because we had to get up at an unreasonable hour on 
Sunday morning for our flight home.

Ron, Rhonda, Tammy, and Jason (not pictured) played a rousing game 
of pool that seemed to go on for quite some time.

 It was a great trip - thanks to all who helped make it so!  

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